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Take some time to review these XTANDI® (enzalutamide) patient resources, which you can download or print for handy reference.

Getting started with XTANDI brochure.

Getting Started Brochure

This brochure includes information and tips about XTANDI, such as how XTANDI works, questions to ask your doctor, clinical results, and tips for staying on track.

XTANDI patient prescribing information.

XTANDI® (enzalutamide) Prescribing Information and Patient Information

This document provides the full prescribing information and patient information for XTANDI, including dosage, administration, and side effects, as well as clinical study results.

XTANDI doctor discussion guide brochure.

Doctor Discussion Guide

Need to prepare for your next doctor’s visit? We can help with questions you may want to ask.

XTANDI Support Solutions pamphlet.

XTANDI Support Solutions® Pamphlet

Learn about what options exist to help eligible patients pay for XTANDI.

Clinical glossary brochure.

Clinical Glossary

Need some help understanding medical words and phrases? Our glossary of clinical terms can help.

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Understanding prostate cancer

Understanding the types of advanced prostate cancer can help determine the best treatment for you

How XTANDI was studied

See how XTANDI performed in multiple clinical trials