Getting XTANDI

XTANDI is delivered to you from a specialty pharmacy

Pharmacist at a specialty pharmacy.

Specialty pharmacies carry medicines that you can’t get at regular pharmacies. In most cases, your doctor will send your XTANDI® (enzalutamide) prescription to a specialty pharmacy.

In some cases, your doctor’s office may have its own pharmacy that can fill your XTANDI prescription. Or, review this XTANDI specialty pharmacy list for additional options.

One benefit of getting XTANDI from a specialty pharmacy is that your medication will be mailed right to your home. The specialty pharmacy will call you to arrange your delivery.

How to get XTANDI from a specialty pharmacy

Here’s how the process typically works, plus a few tips to help ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

  1. See your doctor

    A member of your healthcare team will fill out insurance forms with you. Then they will send your prescription to a specialty pharmacy or XTANDI Support Solutions® to help with the process.

    Tip: At your appointment, confirm that your forms are complete and correct.

  2. Expect a call

    The specialty pharmacy will contact you about any out-of-pocket costs and to arrange delivery of your medicine. You may also receive a call from XTANDI Support Solutions® if there are any questions about your insurance forms.

    Tip: Contact your doctor if you haven’t heard from the specialty pharmacy within a few days.

  3. Check your mail

    XTANDI prescriptions are filled only through specialty pharmacies and can be delivered right to your home. Ask your pharmacist when you can expect your medication to be delivered.

    Tip: If you haven’t received your medicine, call the doctor or specialty pharmacy.

  4. Request your refill

    Keep in mind that refills are not automatic. Your specialty pharmacy will call you to arrange a refill.

    Tip: If you have not heard from your specialty pharmacy 2 weeks before your medicine runs out, contact them.

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