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Doctor discussing XTANDI® with patient.

Your health is a team effort, and you can be a key player. We’ve created this guide full of questions to ask your doctor about advanced prostate cancer and XTANDI® (enzalutimide).

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In addition to living longer, what are your treatment goals? For many people with advanced prostate cancer, these can include:

  • Delaying cancer progression
  • Delaying the start of chemotherapy
  • Medication that only has to be taken once a day
  • Understanding the side effects
  • Other: ___________________

Start a conversation about XTANDI

  1. Can XTANDI help patients:
    • Live longer?
    • Delay the progression or spread of cancer?
    • Lower the chances of having to start a new chemotherapy regimen?
  2. When is the right time to start XTANDI?
    • Are there benefits of starting XTANDI now?
  3. Do you have medical advice about side effects?
  4. Will my insurance cover XTANDI?
    • Can I get assistance paying for XTANDI?
  5. Is XTANDI easy to take? How often do I need to take XTANDI?
    • Do I need to take XTANDI with food?
  6. How extensively has XTANDI been studied, tested, and used in patients?
  7. What are the treatment options that may help me reach my goals?

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