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Real XTANDI patients: Mark, Euvon, and Ken.

Mark, Euvon, and Ken
----real XTANDI patients

The power of support

Watch Euvon, a real XTANDI patient, and his wife, Janet, discuss the importance of support, community, and having a game plan when living with advanced prostate cancer. Euvon and Janet were compensated by Astellas and Pfizer to share their story. Euvon’s experiences are accurate at the time of publication and may have since changed.

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  1. Introducing Euvon
  2. Diagnosis
  3. Euvon being open with friends
  4. Accepting help from others
  5. What to ask when considering XTANDI
  6. Community and family support
  7. Making a game plan
  8. XTANDI resources
  9. Indication and Important Safety Information about XTANDI


It’s essential to speak up for yourself. Watch Wayne, a real XTANDI patient, discuss how he was proactive about treatment for his advanced prostate cancer.

Journey to access

See how Mahlon, a real XTANDI patient, began treatment for his advanced prostate cancer—including how he received XTANDI and patient financial support.


Nothing is more important than your health. Learn how Mahlon and Wayne, real XTANDI patients, got the information they needed and worked with their medical team to develop treatment plans that work for them.


Find out how Mahlon and Wayne, real XTANDI patients, learned about XTANDI by talking with their doctors and doing their own research.

The patients featured in these videos are taking or have taken XTANDI®. Astellas and Pfizer compensated these patients to share their stories.

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The most common side effects of XTANDI include: muscle and joint pain, feeling more tired than usual, hot flashes, constipation, decreased appetite, diarrhea, high blood pressure, bleeding problems, falls, bone fractures, and headache. Learn more

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